Milwaukee Aerial Photography

Milwaukee Aerial Photography

Milwaukee Aerial PhotographyLet our Milwaukee Aerial Photography professionals shoot photos of your commercial/residential property or construction project.

Milwaukee Drone Works strives to safely capture aerial photos that will highlight your property or event with stunning photos that are functional for industrial use. Moreover, we offer cost effective drone photography packages that put cutting edge aerial photography within reach of virtually any budget.

We pride ourselves on our ability to work proactively with our clients to help them reach their post goals and objectives, from strategically coordinating flight paths and coverage areas to applying creative editing techniques to make the most of your investment.


We fly DJI Phantom 3 Pros, which have the capability of recording up to 2.7K video at up to a rate of 30 frames per second. The Phantom 3’s state-of-the-art gyro-stabilized three-axis camera gimbals provides crystal clear 12-megapixel photos of your property or construction project.

Safety Is Our Top Priority!

All of our unmanned aerial systems include GPS flight systems with live video feedback and fail-safe safety features to ensure that your footage is recorded safely and without incident.

Let’s Get Started!

Your only a click away from getting the right aerial footage or photos for your next project! Contact us today for a free estimate!

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